Executive leadership

The Executive Team defines and implements strategies to drive the organization toward its vision. We motivate and foster the Arbor Research team, their capabilities and resources, and our culture to fulfill the organization’s mission in a way that is both financially sustainable and effective.

Program leadership

Scientific directors and program directors are responsible for the leadership of their respective program, including development of the program’s vision, strategic plan, and business development efforts. These individuals also provide high-level oversight to the projects within the program, and work together to oversee projects that cross programs.

Clinical and scientific investigators

Our multidisciplinary research team collaborates in the development of protocols, study designs, analyses, and policies. Investigators contribute collaboratively to the synthesis of results for reports, manuscripts, abstracts, presentations, and other mechanisms for disseminating research results.

Analytic services

Quantitative and qualitative analytic services at Arbor Research are provided by research analysts and health analysts. Research analysts are proficient in a variety of statistical techniques, including regression, survival analysis, longitudinal methods, hierarchical methods, and power analysis. Health analysts specialize in qualitative and mixed methods research with training and experience in population health, social determinants of health, health care, patient experience, and multi-level interventions.

Project management office

The Arbor Research project management office (PMO) is made up of project managers, coordinators, associates, and clinical monitors. Project managers provide high-level oversight and direction to functional teams working on the project to ensure work priorities and approaches align with the overall research goals and budget of the project. Project coordinators and associates assist in carrying out day-to-day implementation and administration of the various studies under way at Arbor Research through facilitation of communication with participating research centers, external collaborators, and sponsoring agencies. Clinical monitors work closely with the research centers and investigators to ensure appropriate clinical implementation of study protocols, and with data and analytic services to ensure data quality.

Data services

Programmers and database developers on the data services team contribute expertise in health care informatics, data architecture, analytic programming, and reporting. They also contribute to the design of data capture systems and instruments, as well as the processes necessary to acquire and link existing administrative or externally collected data into analytic data systems.

Applications development and services

Our applications development group designs custom software, including tools to communicate research findings and implements protocols for data capture and study management. They develop Windows and web-based applications, as well as tools to help staff leverage off-the-shelf products.

Publications and communications

The publications and communications team works closely with investigators and analysts to coordinate and finalize manuscripts for journal submission, ensuring that all requirements are met throughout the peer-review and publication process. The team also edits proposals, reports, abstracts, and other research-based publications and public facing organizational communications.

IT services

The information technology [IT] team manages the Arbor Research computing environment and provides technology support to all end users, including employees and collaborators. The team is also responsible for implementing security services and maintaining compliance with security standards and regulations.


The administrative functions at Arbor Research include finance, grants, contracts administration, compliance, business operations, facilities, and human resources. The members of these departments work together to support the diverse needs of employees and external parties.