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Published On: May 31st, 2023Tags: , ,


Dialysis Outcomes and Practice Patterns Study

Please join us  Friday, June 9, from 8:00–11:00 am for the latest from the international DOPPS Program, including our studies of in-center hemodialysis (DOPPS), peritoneal dialysis (PDOPPS), and non-dialysis advanced chronic kidney disease (CKDopps). During the program, we will present what is upcoming in the DOPPS program, and much more:

  • Red blood cell transfusions across the DOPPS program
  • CKDOPPS takes a deep dive into the transition to dialysis period
  • Hemoglobin trajectories and outcomes in patients with CKD
  • Recent changes in dialysis CKD-MBD practice patterns
  • Recent PDOPPS findings in peritonitis

Session Topics
DOPPS (In-Center Hemodialysis) – 8:20 AM
Impact of etelcalcetide discontinuation on PTH levels in US hemodialysis patients (Junhui Zhao – Arbor Research)
Red blood cell transfusion rates in ND-CKD, HD, and PD (Angelo Karaboyas – Arbor Research)
Platelet count has a U-shaped association with mortality in hemodialysis patients (Xinju Zhao – Beijing, China)

PDOPPS (Peritoneal Dialysis) – 9:05 AM
Gastric acid suppression therapy and its association with peritonitis (Shira Goldman – Tel Aviv, Israel)
Burden and outcomes of pruritus in PD (Karthik Tennankore – Halifax, Canada)
International variations in serum PTH and calcium levels and their mortality associations in PD (Brian Bieber – Arbor Research)

CKDopps (Advanced CKD) – 9:50AM
Hemoglobin trajectories in nondialysis-dependent Chronic Kidney Disease and associated risk of Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events (Lisa Le Gall – Bordeaux, France)
International Variations in Vascular Access Creation and Clinical Outcomes (Murilo Guedes – Arbor Research)
Associations between functionality and clinical outcomes in ND-CKD patients (Antonio Lopes – Salvador, Brazil)

Full agenda is outlined here and in the attached PDF.

See you, Friday, June 9, from 8:00–11:00 am!

Please register before the meeting date.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the DOPPS Program Coordinating Center (DCC) at

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